About Us

Agrologistics is an active company in Greece and surrounding countries which offers a complete range of services in the area of agribusiness, logistics, transportation and supply chain management. Main aim of our company is reducing cost of investments or operations of our clients.

Providing 4th Party Logistics services and solutions the target is to adopt and develop within agricultural economy, logistics culture in the level of the most developed European and global countries. Field production, sorting, industrial production, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales of agricultural products, use of agricultural wastes conditioned of high and strict standards in logistics procedures.

Agribusiness most of the time consists of high volumes, quality standards and small margin. The biggest percent of the product’s cost regards on logistics cost. Whoever manages low logistics cost and the same time has the right quality in the necessary standards is viable.

Easy viability is the biggest goal of Agrologistics for her clients in this crucial period.

In prosperity days the same goal will give each one of the clients the capability of developing investments either for marketing or new markets and products.