Green logistics solutions

Development of several projects within agricultural sector has driven Agrologistics to involve with Green logistics. The development of Green logistics solutions especially for the handling of agricultural & industrial wastes or energy production through agricultural & logistics activities was crucial action and choice. Green logistics are “a must” in the agribusiness industry because through these solutions anyone in this sector can succeed significant reduce of costs and at the same time more earnings, less pollution and fines.

The range of Green Logistics Solutions offered is:

  • Solutions for agricultural wastes handling (biogas, biomas, compost, heat & energy production, etc)
  • Solutions for industrial wastes handling (biogas, biomass, compost, use of bio energy, heat & energy production, etc)
  • Energy production and use in the agribusiness industry (renewable energy technologies)
  • Water & waste water management
  • Production and distribution of other products from agro wastes (humus, etc)