We offer specialized services mainly in the areas of agribusiness, logistics, green logistics and the supply chain. These services are based on the same philosophy which was followed in the most developed countries and have proven effectiveness. The services offered are:

  • Agricultural solutions and new products development
  • Industrial and production design and studies
  • Cost optimization
  • Supply chain management in agribusiness
  • Tender Management
  • Interim Management
  • Logistics and agrologistics reorganization
  • Marketing Services & Branding of agricultural products
  • Benchmarking
  • Green Logistics Solutions & Services
  • New technologies (Logistics & Green)

It is understandable that for every customer, anywhere in the world, the basic need is to meet its own specific needs. For this reason, beyond the kind of services that we offer, above all is the specialized international methodology and knowledge of the areas we handle. Our professionals are talented people with great skills of cooperation and dedication to quality. This allows us to form effective working groups which manage to provide exactly the service that the customer wants, anywhere in the world.