Cost optimization

In the global market of industry or commerce it is now very well known the importance of the supply chain costs of a product which many times is more crucial than the price of buying or selling the product. This is more important in the agriculture sector because the supply chain costs are high and the products are cheap. Optimizing your logistics and transportation costs is often not a plus, but a must. In certain industries, it is the difference between break-even and profit. In economic downturns, it may be your ticket to survival. Our advisors are experts in agribusiness, logistics, transportation and supply chain management (SCM) and assist you to optimize your costs in a balanced way. Unlike traditional cost killers, we always respect the minimum safe margin of your subcontractors, so as to make sure they still serve you in periods of hardship.

Some of the tools which help us succeed cost optimization are:

  • Benchmarking
  • Audit & control of the existing supply chain of the customer
  • Management and handling of quotations for several kinds of investments
  • Day to day work & management with the customer and the SC procedures
  • SC reengineering and whenever is needed use of high tech technologies

Case study
A customer (one of the biggest wholesalers in his field) who is active in the field of production and distribution of potatoes (among others) after our co operation has changed all baying and supplying strategy with farmers and the proportional procedures. He reinforced the processes of field production control and he made changes on the handling. The result all of the above was the decrease of wastes (loss from size and weight) in the amount of 400.000 euro only the first year.