Out of the crisis on the rural economy in Greece – The time for rationality in Greek agribusiness

Rural economy in Greece is in crisis several years now. The last two years financial problems came to highlight and emphasize agricultural problems more. A lot of analysis was made several years now on what is going wrong and now is not the time to repeat the same.

The time has came for all the participants through agricultural economy (governmental, private companies, agricultural associations, etc) to proceed in the necessary actions. These actions are well known but was never took underneath serious consideration. We must follow the successful models of developing agricultural economies which are known within European market or elsewhere. These models mostly concerns the simple organization of agribusiness procedures and the increased needs and strong know how in marketing and sales network of agricultural products. The advantages of Greek agricultural products are going to be the competitive tools within greek or foreign market. Thank God we have a lot of advantages. There are in front of us to exploit them.

The procedure of transforming agribusiness processes in Greece in simple and low cost way is simple. What we haven't done so much time we are going to do it now. Concepts such us:

  • Farming under contracts
  • Cost analysis and optimization of supplies, farming, harvesting, sorting, packaging, processing, distribution, sales and marketing
  • High technology and information systems usage
  • Traceability
  • Standard product quality
  • High level marketing and branding services
  • Extraversion to international markets
  • High added value products

and many others, it's time to be approached correctly and with emphasis. This is the time which all the responsible participants must look for serious and high level experienced professionals. The private companies must work together to achieve common goals. Nobody can to it all alone. Funding for investments is very small therefore the road leads only one way ...

Synergies & Co operations

Some Greek companies last indicating that they are moving in the right dierection. That's why they have impressive results. A lot more companies must follow.

In Agrologistics we say that Agribusiness most of the time consists of high volumes, quality standards and small margin. The biggest percent of the product's cost regards on logistics cost. Whoever manages low logistics cost and the same time has the right quality in the necessary standards is viable.

Easy viability is the biggest goal of Agrologistics for her clients in this crucial period.

In prosperity days the same goal will give each one of the clients the capability of developing investments either for marketing or new markets and products.