Agricultural solutions & new products development

Continuous activity of Agrologistics professionals in the agribusiness sector through Europe gives us the opportunity to discover with our customers innovative solutions and new products which can be produced and distributed within Greek and European market. These new businesses can be supported from the implementation of new technologies, the opening of new markets or from the development of new co operations. Also, total innovative logistics solutions in production and harvesting of products, use of agro wastes,  and co operation of farmers-companies with each other gives to the business competitive advantages.

Some of our services are:

  • New products finding and development of co operations for production and distribution
  • Organize supply processes for agricultural means
  • Organize contract farming co operations
  • Optimization of farming production costs
  • Information systems for agriculture
  • Finding and development of co operations between different agricultural companies for common infrastructure exploitation
  • Organize processing of agricultural products with innovative technologies
  • Development of innovative processing technologies for agriculture
  • Development of innovative technologies supporting the supply chain of agricultural products

Case study 1
A customer who is active in the field of frozen fruits decided after months co operation to invest also to the field of frozen vegetables with development of contract farming and total handling of the supply chain. The result was a complete range of frozen vegetables with the best freshness quality because the moment of harvesting to the moment of processing and friezing process lasts no more than 30 min. At the same time the capabilities for volumes are high so the customer was able to develop co operations both in the retail and wholesaling market. The turnover of the new activities is bigger than 6 million euros.

Case Study 2
For another customer we developed a complete business plan for big scale field production of a new product in Northern Greece. With this business plan we achieved two important goals:

The production of a product (beans and other legumes) with the higher globally quality standards in big volumes capable to be distributed both in Greek and European market. The quality is great even in global competition.
A great solution for the rotation of crops. In this area there is another basic product cultivation which match very well with the new cultivation for the fields refreshment. The estimation for the turnover is more than 7 million euros and the earnings from the rotation of crops is incalculable.